Custom Designed Baskets
Relaxation Basket Like many of our customers, ask for a custom designed gift basket specific to your occasion and budget.

Or, choose from the following best sellers:



Relaxation Basket

The ultimate in how life should be...

With potions every bit as enchanting as their names - Ylang Ylang and Patchouli "Rebirth of the Spirit" or Nutmeg, Cedar and Ylang Ylang - "Mystical Love". Intoxicate yourself with the wonderful scents of the original Alma Dolce Aromatherapy Candles.

Balanced perfectly on a beautiful silver star tray - the tone of your day is set.

Clipper Exotic Chai Tea is delightful as you slip into a bath...Banho Portuguese bath salts that are world renowned for their quality - and loved for their addition to the bath decor.

Coddle your eyes with the aromatic satin touch of this heavenly lavender flaxseed eye pillow as you drift off.

Cheese and crackers - Flowers and Fruit for everyone. $102.50

Romance Basket
Keep the basket as a memory, keep the memory in your heart.
"You can't keep romance in a basket" basket.

The Scene: Perfectly paired lavender candles and a velvet sachet of fresh lavender.

On a nearby Princess Anne side table, a properly aged beaujolais with two goblets (decant two hours earlier) tin of Danish Brie, table water crackers, Taylors of Harrogate Toffee, French violet & lavender jelly and chocolate fondue (how fabulous).

Complimented with fresh fruit of the season and a life sustaining plant. $169.99
Option: Without wine: $143.60


Cocktails To Go
Cocktails to Go Basket Enjoy a chic and intimate cocktail hour any time you please...

...well almost anytime. The right tools are all you need.

Perfect light splashes on the iced aluminum martini shaker and its matching pair of martini glasses.

A Gibson you say? - "Tipsy Onions" we say of course from Sable and Rosenfeld.

Next, get local with sensual handmade truffles by Adriana, a master of chocolate, from her fabulous Gourmandissimo store.

A tim of gourmet Brie and Table Water crackers. In Paris it's lunch!

When all else is devoured, finish with fun - Soy Chips! $88.00



Gentlement Basket

Pamper your gentleman with the sophistication he deserves...

Packed into a detailed wicker basket he'll find the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado and a chic silver Manhattan Ashtray.

It's just good 'scents' with a pouch of fragrant Lavender and his own personal soap.

Tackle the grill with a stylish set of crafted BBQ skewers. Spice it up with the finest in gourmet BBQ from Ollie's Hot BBQ Sauce or Grass Roots' Chili Mix.

A fun bag of golf ball caramels are sure to be a real hit on the course this summer. $134.00


New Job  

New Job Basket

Break out the bubbly....

But we're at work, so let's break open the San Pellegrino. POP! Save the elegant champagne bucket we've packed all of this into for the real bubbly when you get home.

This classy firecracker holds the finest Belgian truffles in a silky ribbon wrap.

A stylish pencil case for pencils of course.

An exciting taste experience has just been imported to Canada and we are proud to be early discovered of Soy King Chips. One of four wonderful flavours such as "Mongolian BBQ" will offer variety that will surely spark conversation around the water cooler.

Some Taylors of Harrogate fine coffee. $125.00



New Baby

New Baby Basket

We are quite certain you deserve it!


To elude those chilly zephrs, a gorgeous, Canadian-made baby blanket of Kanata Fleece, imported from Saltspring Island, B.C. delicately embroidered with a teddy bear.

Leaping a generation, a funky babysitter note pad for funky babysitters.

The latest issue of Parenting Magazine will surely be helpful.

Two champagne flutes and a bottle of bubble to celebrate.

Handmade Truffles. Not for the baby. For you.

A pair of brightly coloured coffee bowls, saucers and Taylors of Harrogate coffee, by appointment to HRH YOU. $185.00
Option: Without champagne: $157.60




Wellness Basket

Be well

Comfort someone who may be a little under the weather

Everything designed to make you feel better.

Brighten your day with an array of wonderfully fresh cut flowers and capture these moments in a handsome writing journal.

Homemade by the McRae family in Bainsville, Grass Roots Pea Soup mix found inside a rustic tiny burlap sack. It worked for mom and it will work for you.

Relax with the soft glow and aromatic ecstasy of an Alma Dolce Aromatherapy Tea Lite candle as you delight in fabulous fruit, candies and the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Imagine a heavenly scented eye pillow filled with lavender. $96.95

New Pet
New Pet Basket

Now ask us about our
"Cat Lovers Basket"

Baskets for pet lovers (and their new pets)

Did you know dogs love garlic? Here's a canine garlic cookie mix with a bone cookie cutter. We're not sure about cats or wombats, but they must love garlic too!

A fitting and handsome dog bowl.

A pet picture frams with an album as backing (nifty idea), ready to chronicle your pet's foibles.

Here's a toy bone for your dog. And something for you! A pet lover's mug for cocoa, tea or coffee, as you stomp your feet in below zero weather.

All this and a surprise, in a dark wicker basket the dog keeps for naps. $83.00



Toronto Basket

Welcome to our incredible city. We proudly introduce you to a few of our specialties.

You'll be the centre of chic, knowing who's who and where's where of the city after browsing through the latest issue of Toronto Life magazine.

Candies. Indulge in our classics. We searched far and North to bring you the most authentic in homemade fudge and maple syrup. Just for fun we also added a giant chocolate loonie.

We provide a glimpse of our native land with the fabulous Totem cover on this box of Canadian Treasures chocolates.

Capture each moment of your Toronto experience with a Kodak disposable camera and save your snaps in this funky photo book.

A fresh plant; well, we could chalk it up to a Canadian nature theme, but truly, it just looks so lovely! $97.99




Gardening Basket

For birds, bid lovers and bird...

Lay your prize clippings across the wire tray that contains these goodies or plant them in this cute tin planter.

Every garden - at the cottage or at the condo - is enlivened with this hand crafted chalet birdhouse. We believe in catering to every guest, so we've also included a delicate bag of birdseed.

Gear up in a pair of funky floral gardening gloves - and delve into the trenches, or at least the nearest flower patch. Do it all in style with the sleekest silver gardening tools seen by any neighbor.

If you thought carrots were for cookbooks only - change your mind as you "wash up" with this fine carrot soap.

One day, you might have an article in Gardening Life Magazine. Or today you might just want to read it cover to cover, and then attach your favourite articles as reminders with these flower fridge magnets.

Stop for a moment and smell the roses. Capture your day's events in a lovely gardener's jounal.

Of course a plethora of fresh fruit and flowers. $143.00


Off to College

Off to College Basket

When college time is around the corner, send along a few comforts of home.

Bon Voyage!

Priority One! Laundry. Won't it be a delight when you see them every weekend handing over this pretty honey coloured laundry hamper.

Neal Brothers Blue Corn Chips, Mild Corn Salsa, and some fresh fruit - might be the extent of the dorm party - It's all there! But just in case, a fun and easy to follow grocery message pad.

Let them feel the warmth of home and relax in a bath with some fabulous Blue Funk Sea Salts.

After which, they can wrap themselves up in a 100% Egyptian cotton bath towel while they write to their friends on this pad of funky "Just Moved" stationary. $111.00

Bereavement Basket In times of sorrow express your condolences in a special way...

A tasteful salute to a friend in mourning.

A private, catered dinner for two.

For visitors, a breathtaking selection of fresh fruit, Water Crackers, and Danish Brie. A soothing pack of citrus-based potpourri. A Zen silver and glass holder with an aromatherapy candle, a packet of Harrogate Tea, and finally, a kindly ear. $113.00
Option: Without dinner: $79


There are many many more baskets that we can custom design for you. Please contact us and ask for one of our representatives in the gift basket department and we can help you from there.If you would like more information about our baskets or would like to place an order, please fill out the following and one of our team will call you.








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