Hot Hors D'oeuvres

Sage Fritters with a Lemon Aioli

Artichoke Tempura
with Sea Salt and an Asian Sherry Dipping Sauce

Caramelized Apple Crostini
with Quebec Blue Cheese and Fresh Thyme

Spinach and Onion Pakoras
with a Cardamom Dipping Sauce

Walnut Toast Points
with Caramelized Bananas, Raisins and Brie Cheese

Duck Confit Spring Rolls
with an Candied Orange and Cranberry Dipping Sauce

Grilled Polenta Rounds
with Torta Cheese, Grilled Figs and a Julienne of Arugula

Pot stickers and Shu Mei
with assorted fillings and a Mirin Wine Scallion Sauce

Argentinean Empanadas
with a Spinach and Parsley “Mash” and a Chimi-Churi Sauce

Smoked Chicken, Caramelized Onions and Cambazola Cheese in a Phyllo Cup

Coconut Curried Chicken Satays
with a Ginger Jam for Dipping

Honey Brushed Quail
with a Field Mushroom Ragout on Herb Toasts

Celeriac Potato Cakes
with Cambazola Cheese and a Tomato Onion Compote

Mushroom Bruschetta
with Marsala, Rosemary and Smoked Danbo Cheese

Tandoori Salmon Satays
with a Roasted Apple Chutney

B’stilla Cigars
with Honey Roasted Chicken and Almonds

South Beach Crab Cakes
with a Lime and Mango Salsa

Soba Noodle Pots
with a Ribboned Flank Steak

Moroccan Chicken Cakes
with a Spicy Tomato Jam

from $ 1.75 - $3.50 /piece


Cold Hors D'oeuvres

Fruit and Almond Balls with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cloves

Classic Beef Tar Tar Spoons
with Gherkins, Caper Berries and Cognac

Miniature Maple Glazed Crumpets
with Lamb Carpaccio and a Shallot Jam

Bocconcini Napoleans
with Roasted Peppers and Nicoise Olives on a Parmesan Crisp

Rice Crackers with Appleton Rum and Cumin Crusted Shrimp
topped with Honey’d Peaches and Coriander

Coriander Crusted Rare Tuna on Sushi Rice Cakes
with a Wasabi Mayo and a Seaweed Salad

Miniature Yorkshire Puddings
with Rare Beef, Horseradish Aioli and Fresh Parmesan Curls

Phyllo Tartlets with a Chiffonade of Leek and Fennel
served with Crème Fraiche

Basil Frittata with Smoked Salmon, Cracked Pepper and a Lemon Cream

Sesame Sweet Potato Thins with Lamb Medallions
and a Peanut Drizzle

Salmon Tar Tar Parmesan Cups
with a Roasted Artichoke, Lemon and Garlic Pate

Seared Thai Chicken Salad
with Coriander and Chilis on Wonton Toasts

Crostini with Fire Roasted Tomato Boats
and a Coriander Pesto

Beef Tenderloin Ribbons
with a Pomegranate and Onion Relish

Wonton Cups with Smoked Lobster
and a Mango Crème Fraiche

Goat Cheese Mousse in Parmesan Moons with Frizzled Basil

Sesame Crusted Tuna Satays
with a Soy Sherry Dip

Gazpacho Tar Tar with Chilis in a Cucumber Cup

from $ 1.75 - $3.50 /piece