Fandango 2007
A gala fundraiser for Bridgepoint Health at the Four Seasons Hotel

The concept was Argentenean Gauchos and the Pampas Grasslands. Each of the 45 centerpieces, was a clear acrylic box with a transparent campfire image adhered to each side - illuminated by candles within the box. To complete the campfire feel, we added log votives holders and actual birch logs. The linen on the tables was "faux pony skin" ... all set under a constellation of blue stars sweeping the ceiling.

Much Music Video Awards

In the many years, that we catered the MMVA's at the CHUM City building, we were invited to go beyond the "usual catering" requirements and design and implement the "Party Environment" under the tent in theparking lot. This particular year was themed around South Beach ... very clean lines, complete whites and Ocean Blues. Drawing from Miami's "Shore Club", guests luxuraited on leather loungers with white faux fur throws, giant palms and of course "Day Beds."

Another year of Much Music Video Awards, we designed a series of lounge areas with a hip-techno "Party environment", with Paper lanterns illuminated with pink lights, Groovy pink fabric panels that spanned 28 feet, Vinyl wallpaper adhered to the underside of glass coffee table-tops. Defining this lounge space, a 30'x30' assembly of coloured bathmats sewn together to create a single carpet.


Water Lilies
A table-top competition at the Canadian Perspectives Industry Trade Show Winning 2nd place, we Re-created one of Monet's "Water Lilies" paintings. We wanted the viewer to feel as though he was immersed inside the painting - that he was dining inside a painting. The cutlery was molded from copper tipped paintbrushes, the chairs painted to reflect shimmering waters, the centerpiece had lily pads and lotus flowers above "eye-level" and fish carved from carrots below "eye-level

Versailles Dinner
An elegant evening on the roof top of a Toronto Penthouse condo Crystal, Silks, Gold Guilded "everything".

Moroccan Dinner Party
A sultry dinner party where everything was "RED" ... Guests hands were washed with rose water prior to being served dinner, a belly dancer enticed eveyone into the rooftop dining room for dinner, lanterns glowed red throughout the night.